Who's THAT Girl??

[Who’s THAT Girl?] Black Girls Brunch UK


Who are ya?
Hi I’m Cairo! Black Girls Brunch is an event space for Black Women to socialise and network in a fun
and safe environment. Our main events consist of guest speakers, a facilitated
workshop, a discussion and of course food and networking. We also provide gift bags to
each of our attendants; these are predominately made up of Black Women Owned or
co-owned businesses. We have partnered with brands such as ONUA Home,
ReignxShine and Line & Honey.


How did you get here?
I created Black Girls Brunch at university as a way to battle the feelings of isolation at
being the only Black Woman on my course and living in a predominantly white town. I
wanted a space where I could dress up and chat with women who looked like me. I
couldn’t find it, so decided to create it.
Black Girls Brunch began as a space for Black Women to talk, share experiences and
listen to inspiring keynote speakers. We have become a platform that educates,
empowers and inspires, building confidence and connections amongst a community of
Black Women. Since our first event in 2018 (which sold out with a waiting list), we have
run three more sold-out events.
I am in full-time employment, so Black Girls Brunch is a not-for-profit passion project that
I run in my spare time.

PHOTO-2019-07-11-17-28-21 2

What sets YOU apart?
Every single decision  is made with Black Women in mind and for me personally, with Christ at the centre. I love Black Women, I know Black Women and when you know someone and you love someone; you serve them. We deserve a place where we are not othered, where we can sit in a room and see ourselves reflected back. At Black Girls Brunch we create an experience. Every detail is thought out and planned even down to the tissue packaging. Yes, we are an event with substance but our aesthetics matter just as much.

Next five years… Where are ya?
For Black Girls Brunch I have so many plans, my main plan is to create a community
that is not based in just one city. I would love to have chapters of Black Girls Brunch all
over the country so we can serve and support as many Black Women as possible. I
want to create a community of Black Women, loving each other unapologetically, helping
each other and growing together. I am a strong advocate of networking sideways, and
want our guests to create a country-wide web of both professional and personal


How do we find you?
Follow Black Girls Brunch on Instagram and Twitter

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