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Remi’s Recognition [24th July]

Don’t know about y’all but when Maleek Berry said it’s time for a ‘new sound’… I FELT THAT. I’m a sucker for a new sound! If you think you’ve got that new sound or heard that new sound – share it! send it over via

Screenshot 2020-07-26 at 11.53.36

BZ – Big Oga 

18 years old with A LOT to offer! BZ has caught the eye of many with his charisma and delivery. BIG OGA is a term we use in West Africa, mainly Nigeria – it is usually used to refer to someone who is a ‘BOSS’. BZ tells me in an interview that he wanted this song to be an ode to himself and to highlight himself as an entrepreneur. I went back to listen to his discography I can see that BZ has the ability to deliver different flows adapting really well to different instrumentals.  I am very excited about his career and this is someone i believe will be part of the next generation of musicians. Check out the visuals below.

Myx Quest x M.anifest x Kimarne ft. B4Bonah – No Apologies

Myx Quest called upon flavours from Ghana and the Caribbean!   I heard this song and knew straight away – I had to hear this song in a car, FULL. BLAST. So that’s what I did, sat in the car and low and behold – I’m here telling you, you need to add it your vibes playlist. ASAP. There’s something about the bass in a good car that will be a deciding factor on whether to you like a jam or not! M.anifest never fails to deliver on the flows, Kimarne steps in youthful with the sweet sweet patio & lastly B4Bonah (who I think delivers my favourite parts of the anthem) his part is repetitive yet so powerful – almost like a chant and it’s a definitive element in the No Apologies. Check out the aesthetically pleasing visuals below.

Pryme Kingz feat. Shay La Rose – RNB 

Recently, I tweeted ‘is there anyone out there that doesn’t like R&B?’ – I kid you not, there are people that do not & I will NEVER understand it. THANKFULLY, we’ve got The South London collective Pryme Kingz giving us smooth sultry sounds titled RNB because what better way to pay homage to a genre aye?! They linked up with a Remi’s Recognition Alumni Shay La Rose to sprinkle some Afro in their RnB. Let me set the scene – I would definitely love to hear this whilst I’m in a nice lounge with some friends, puff puffing on some Watermelon flavoured Shisha (I said what I said) – whilst seeing my food being brought over! Right so i have to do that this weekend & now i’m hungry – Gosh. Check out the visuals below. 

Add them all to your playlists and ICYMI – send me something special x

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