Music Remi's Recognitions

Remi’s Recognitions [17th July]

I've been in my musical element this week, I went back, way back into my archives. Listening to songs that could have only ever made it to an Mp3 player back then... but then halfway through the week I had a panic attack and started to imagine all the songs that I have never heard (and may never hear) then I snapped into reality and start looking for new gems!

 I come bearing gifts…

CassKidd & Ogranya – Feel Free

A link up that makes sense! DJ & UK Producer CassKidd & Afro Soul and Jazz singer Ogranya created a feel good, dance/house, skank infused RIDDEM! One that the world could benefit from right now. With everything that is going, the negativity, the uncertainty, these kind of anthem form a create a sense of unity. When I listen to this song – I feel two things. I feel like I’m literally running (not for long though, the fitness doesn’t even permit) but I also feel free, like I genuinely close my eyes like no-one is watching. I’m telling you – music is an experience and Feel Free ticked that box. Their use of the famous proverb ‘One man’s meat, is another mans poison’ makes me smile every-time. Real lesson’s mid-way through your skank?  this is how they should of taught history in school #justsaying. I really hope we get visuals for this! This song reminds so much of my younger years when i would sit bare close to the TV and watch my favourite video’s on Box or Smash Hits.

Kof1 7enkins – Missing You

Growing up I heard a lot of tribute songs, they have and will always be hard to listen too. Many of us turn to music to cope with grief and to learn to heal. This is what I feel Kof1 7enkins has done, he put a lot of his pain & emotion into ‘Missing You’ – you can literally hear it in his voice. He is singing about seeing one of his close friend’s Mark Duggan lose his life to police brutality, growing up deviant, fed’s running up in his house, losing his family, his friends being in prison and now choosing to leave that life behind. I’d never want anyone to go through this, but sadly the reality is people actually do. I’m glad he is telling his truth – this is different and much appreciated. Hit play & be prepared to have chills.

Dizzle AP – Tekky

With a bouncy flow, relaxed yet catchy chorus. Dizzle AP gives us a few short stories about moment’s in his life that have been a bit ‘ Tekky’. Tekky is short for ‘technical’ and is usually used to describe something that is slightly long to do or requires more effort than the person wants to give.  With memorable quotes such as ‘could of been dead at 16, could have been dead at 18, man’s still alive thats all that matters’ you find yourself taking in his words and bopping along to story-telling flow.  His upcoming EP is titled ‘Tekky’ and is set to be released on July 24th.

 For more new discoveries… come back again next week!

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