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Remi’s Recognition [13th July]

lockdown is easing, i'm getting your playlist ready & diverse. Remi's Recognition is for those of you who take pride in bumping your car speakers loud, seat slightly back whilst seeing the cars next to you scrabble to get out their phone's out to Shazam what you're playing.


OK, the above scenario is quite specific, and also having your phone in your hand whilst driving is illegal but please feel free to enter your own scenario there! :). The truth still stands though – Good Music Deserves To Be Shared (as well as Blared). These three songs deserve to be in your playlist for different reasons – have a listen & let me know what you think of the week’s #RemisRecognitions

Kasien – All I See

From the first play, it’s a head AND shoulder bopper. Sort of how you’d feel if you just washed your hair – it’s a fresh feeling (i couldn’t help myself with that reference). Produced by the talented Cadenza! All I See is a BEAUTIFUL anthem for anyone who needs a short dose of GAS ! I can’t imagine anyone listening to this and feeling levels of calmness. I appreciate Kasien’s flows, and message within the single! ‘NEGATIVE ENERGY I DO NOT NEED, UH HUH’  – tell me about it mate. However, it is the ad – libs that really made me love this song! DJ’s put this song in your main-sets & get your cues in deck because we will want a reload please (i’m begging). I personally can’t wait to hear that chorus in a sweaty tun up setting!


I feel like this one is just in time for summer, and what do we need in summer? FEEL GOOD RIDDEM’S to go along with them house parties & backyard bbq’s haha! The Spanish & South American elements in the productions automatically puts you in a uplifting mood so you can’t help but sway when you hear it playing! This is ZNO’s debut single & I hope he continues to give us music to match our good vibes settings! Check out the visuals below!

GJTheCeaser ft Ayüü – Gyrate

For goodness sake. The opening line of the song is ‘when I get that feeling’ – I was already SOLD & then the beat dropped.
I literally started looking around to see if anyone else on the train platform heard that drop… but of course they didn’t. I had my headphones on. LOL. The point is… I wanted them to hear it – so I guess that’s why we are hear now. GJTheCeaser & Ayüü take our hands (with gloves) into the afrofunk, house & dance world. Using a beat you’d typically hear in Ibiza’s famous dance club, Ocean Beach – they showed how easily & PERFECTLY the two intertwine. This song made me miss my car, made me driving because I’d defo get out the car and BLOCK THE ROAD dancing to this beauty! My only hope is that whoever is in my passenger seat would join me! This is a Gem of a song!


Got a banger you want to share? HIT MEH…

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