Music Remi's Recognitions

Remi’s Recognitions [26th June 2020]

Good music deserves to shared - soooo share the bangers mehn! I'm genre - fluid so let me hear it :

 I’m back with some new music – all of which slid into my emails! Three VERY different selections but nevertheless all deserve the recognition! Your playlist is asking for an update, dying for it and I got you.

Mecca Erica – Smooth Connection

I’m pretty confident, probably 97.3 % sure! My neighbours know the word’s to ‘Smooth Connection’ – word to J Hus ‘then we repeatè repeaté’. Mecca Erica’s  top tier voice mixed with the productions of Henryblackbeats and Lukerapata – is further evidence that R&B here in the UK needs more light shone on it. I refuse to let this voice go unnoticed, Ms. Erica gained a fan over the last week. Born in the Philippines, raised in South London and only 19 years old. Her debut EP ‘Transitions‘ was released last month and the whole tape is full of hits! 8 tracks, meaning there’s a few bits for us to binge on whilst we wait for more!  

Damari – Mine

It seems as though Damari has provided us with an extended version of the infamous ‘soo, what are we?’ question.  You know – that moment you’ve officially caught feelings for the person you’re seeing , not deep enough to start confessing your love but deep enough to start looking for that confirmation, that security, that your ‘mine’ status.  This is the Dagenham native’s first release and he brings the vibes! I would love to see some visuals to this, i’m a sucker for a cute lil love story.

Tashana – Blouse & Skirt

Been a while since I wore a skirt, since school days. I miss it – especially since I ripped my favourite pair of shorts this week. With the ‘great’ British weather  we are receiving at the moment, Blouse & Skirt is the perfect vibe to get ready too, no matter what you decide to wear (I say ‘great’ with haste, because the possibility of you reading this whilst it’s pouring down with rain is very high – if this is the case… LOL). Either way the visuals are hilarious! We see Tashana on a mission to move on and make her current/ex boo thang jealous. And what better way to show you’re over someone than by living your BEST life at a popping function.  Check out the video below. 

Same time next week, let me know what you think below.

Class Dismissed!

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