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Remi’s Recognition [ 21st June 2020]

Welcome! Simply put I'm busting my ears off each week trying to season your musical pallets. I love it, so seriously send me something special :

Another week of discoveries and honestly, i’m just happy to here!

 Get a load of these three upcoming artists, definitely playlist worthy. Open your ear’s…

ShySava – Time

Anyone else like being taken for a drive, without actually moving? As Wizkid once sung… ‘My Music Travel’s No Visa’. Closed my eyes and I was on a smooth, no traffic insight drive on the A20 from London to Dover. No specific reason for choosing that route, just where the mind took me. I would defo add this to my chilled, long drive playlist just because the motion given off on ‘Time’ gives me the trance, take me on a trip vibes!  ShySava‘s is 20 years old and this is her first release – I’m excited for what is to come from the young talent.

Cheryll ft Lauren Marshall – Crushin’

I can’t be the only person who, in their head (& maybe in real life in front the mirror) made up a dance routine as part of trio with me in the middle as a lead? –  surely, not just me? Cheryll & Lauren Marshall really got me in the feels of early 2000’s with this one – to add to the beauty of it, the hook pays homage to one of the biggest hit’s back then Eve & Alicia Key’s – Gangsta Lovin’ . Wow, where are the oversized jackets, oversized boot cuts or flared jeans when you need them aye? TAKE ME BACK TO THE GOOD OL’ DAYS! I’m hearing Cheryll has an EP on the way *phone rings*  that’s the vintage shop calling me – i need my outfitsssss PEACE.

DJ Cass, Javan & RG – Defence

Some of the notes & riffs in this joint had me trying to reach them, then shortly afterwards I start coughing profusely. Which is usual a sign that I’ve overstepped my vocal boundaries. In other word’s, I can’t sing. The harsh reality  DJ Cass, Javan & RG decided to give me on this smooth melodic track ‘Defence’. I think Javan & RG are a breathe of fresh air in the Afro – Swing genre. Javan really outchea’ singing SINGING and RG delivers a lovely flow. Defence is track 3 from DJ Cass’s brand new EP Hood Sorcerer.

We go again next week – can someone bring snacks next time?

In the meantime, like, stream but most importantly share. Good music deserves to shared!

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