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[Who’s That Girl?] Cat’s Mother

Meet Niki and Nat the pair doing all they can to empower young women in the creative   industries.


Who are ya?
We are Niki and Nat, founders of female-focused social enterprise The Cat’s Mother. We set up career guidance meetings for aspiring young women wanting access to or progression within the music and creative industries. We do this by matching them with a successful female boss, entrepreneur or creative that they can learn from (and pick the brains of for half-an-hour!)

How did you get here?
Nat and I have worked together at a youth-led music charity for almost 6 years. We’ve witnessed first-hand the clear difference between the way the boys’ careers develop compared to the way the girls’ seem to. The boys tend to progress a lot quicker and have more confidence, enabling them to ask for pay rises. The girls on the other hand sometimes get pigeonholed in admin-based roles and shy away from asking for any type of review. It was early last year that we began planning and consulting to find a model that helps to level out the playing field for ambitious young women in our industries, and one that works conveniently for everyone wanting to play their part. We successfully launched in November 2019. 7 months later, with a 60-woman strong powerhouse creative network and over 150 free consultancy hours up for grabs, here we are.

IMG_3397 (1)

What sets YOU apart?
I think our dynamic is really what sets us apart. We’re not your typical co-founder pair, there’s about 20 years between us and we’re both at very different levels of our careers in terms of contacts and experience. But that’s what really works, we’re a reflection of the Cat’s Mother/Young Person dynamic and proof that this connection can have transformative impacts on both sides. It’s also a strength for us because we’re each able to relate personally to two of our biggest audience groups.

Next five years.. Where are ya?
In 5 years time, we hope to be glued securely in our industry as one of the greatest, (coolest) and most impactful creative consultancies around. We can see ourselves working in different cities, making connections between regional young women and local, inspiring role models they don’t even know exist! Importantly, we wanna be at a stage where we really are changing lives and careers for the next generation of change-makers in the creative industries.


How do we find you?
Only the best social platform!? We’re on Instagram @catsmotheruk / @niccxx_ / @forteforty and you can also check us out at www.catsmother.co.uk

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