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Remi’s Recognitions [12th June]

Music can never fail me. Ever!

The songs I share here, I’ve either come across or they have slid into my emails! I created #RemisRecognitions so I can share with you upcoming artists and their music – why? I hear you ask…

Because, GOOD music deserves to be shared, it feeds the soul and I’m sure a lot of you reading this will feel the same. So here I go sharing,  let me know what you think of my latest selection below.

Rebecca Winter – Selfish

Deep it… ‘This situation no be small ting at all, imagine giving all you’ve got and getting nothing in return” YO WHEEEEEEEEEL IT.  Rebecca Winter hits us with her first solo release of the year, ‘Selfish’. The lyrics paint the picture that she is coming to terms with the fact that a particular love interest isn’t who she thought he was. I’m nodding my head vigorously… because I CAN RELATE .


I’m sure many of us can relate – not that I wish that feeling on anyone. Hailing from West London, Rebecca Winter is here to stay with her solid contribution to the sound of Afro Fusion. I can’t wait to hear what else Ms Winter has install for us this year.

Fyah Roiall –  Nobody

I truly believe this song was made for all of you in relationship’s who will only show us the hand/back of the head of your partner on IG, or do 10 second snapchat stories of you driving in the passenger seat of your boo’s car – giving us a glimpse their shoulders ONLY. I sound bare bitter, but I actually respect it hahaha just here on dating apps waiting for my turn. Coming straight out of Jamaica, Fyah Roiall (pronounced ‘royal’) provides us with the perfect sing – along that makes me wish I was driving again.  The car really is a great place to sing to the top of your lungs! He will be dropping his 12 track debut album ‘Underrated’ next Friday 19th June!

Dan Onkar – Tales By Moonlight

I listened to Tales By Moonlight, it finished and I didn’t let it stop there – I literally let his whole discography play. The vibes can’t done with Dan Onkar. Every song is different yet the feeling of futuristic, virtual and some form of ascension sits solidly in the middle of his music. I would say ‘Tales By Moonlight’ is the soundtrack to a 3rd successfully date, a song to quench your urge to asking the question ‘what are we?’.  It’s impossible to box Dan Onkar into one genre – he has a modern version of R&B, HipHop and Soul intertwined into one. He describes his music as ‘confessional mood music’ which probably explains why I would slap on a Dan Onkar playlist whilst feeling reflecting sitting at the back of an empty’ish bus (with my brand new protective mask) from North To South London (which is very far btw).

FYI, I’ve only gone and put all my Recognitions over the past month or so one big playlist via Spotify. Be nice & hit like on the playlist , but most importantly hit play – you might find your new favourite artist in there!

If there are any upcoming artists, producers, songwriters that are sitting in your playlists that you think I should be listening too. Drop their name & song in the comment box below! (or email me


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