Black Lives Matter. Thoughts

No More Walking On Egg Shells – BLACK LIVES MATTER.

In 2020, we are still playing songs such as 2 Pac – Changes and Bob Marley & The Wailers – War ?  These informative and thought provoking tracks were released decades ago
I’m pretty confident theses songs were created to describe or to release the pain of what they thought was going to be an ‘ERA’.  They didn’t want these songs to be relevant in 2020. But here we are because racists don’t want to treat black people as an ‘equal’. You are not better than us. We are not better than you. We bleed the same.

To my white readers/listeners – think of your biggest dream to date?! I’ll give you a minute.

Now think of the obstacles that are blocking your dream from being a reality? I’ll give you a minute.

Whatever it is that is blocking you from achieving your dream, does it have ANYTHING to do with the colour of your skin? I won’t give you a minute.

Because I’m 99.9% sure, it has nothing to do with the fact that you are white…

That there, is the automatic PRIVILEGE, YOU have in the society we live in.

Imagine! Imagine having a dream and then having to factor in the possibility of it NOT happening because of the colour of your skin? Because you are black, knowledge will only get you so far up the ‘chain’ because your skin colour isn’t part of the criteria.

The thing is you can’t imagine, you can’t feel it. You might not even understand it, it’s an indescribable pain. I know not all white people are racist, that’s not the fight we are fighting. We want those of you who believe racism is wrong, to DO something about it. Silence is a cop-out and we all know how we feel about the cops round here!

We are tired. We are hurting. And we don’t deserve any of this. But don’t get it twisted, for our people we will still be out here.

LISTEN to us and open your eyes to what is going on in the world, your workplace and your neighbourhoods. Educate, yourself on how you can help. How you can push boundaries in different places to ensure equality.

If you REALLY believed in the ‘all lives matter’ narrative that some of you severely want to push, you would understand why #BlackLivesMatter.‬

Right now, ‘all’ ‪doesn’t include us. So really I question what is your definition of ‘all?’ Your ‘all’ clearly doesn’t include Black People. We are being marginalised, at every crossroad and institution.  So those who really care for our lives are helping us fight this marginalised #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Simply put, we want equal rights, more opportunities and justice. ‬You’d think we are asking for more rights that everyone else. WE JUST WANT TO BE EQUAL.

You are seeing the same raw, LIVE footage we are seeing, of innocent black women and men being killed. So why are you not outraged? Hundred of years of black people dealing with institutional racism and we don’t even want revenge – we still only want JUSTICE & EQUALITY.  So now I ask, compare the two – riots or revenge, which one is more peaceful? Let that sink in.

Just know that if you are screaming all lives matter, you are against us because in the world we live in right now. All doesn’t include black people and until it does we won’t rest.

You can aide our fight by reading up on other wrongful death cases, cases of people thrown in prison without a proper trial, those inside for life without any evidence against them. Stand with us by using your white privilege to stand up to institutions that harbour these racist views. Use all four of your email addresses to sign petitions. Donate to black initiatives and charities that need more resources to help their cause. Educate, and hold the people around you accountable for their direct or indirect racist views.


You can sit back and get swept because there’s a clean up happening –  change is coming. Periodt.

p.s Today, Tomorrow & Forever – Black Lives Matter.

Editors note: Remi has donated her fee for this article to The Reach Out Project


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