Music Remi's Recognitions

Remi’s Recognitions [22nd May 2020]

Remember: GOOD music DESERVES to be SHARED. 

If you think there’s something i should be playing…I’m inviting you to send me your musical beauties.  You just got to have good taste? If you are here reading this…you probably do.  I am 


Moet – Jumping

Moet is a hidden gem coming from the realms of South London. Multi-talented, Jumping was performed, produced and mixed by him. First off, let me start off by saying… I think this song has come at exactly the right time! The sun is shining, and apart from good music what comes good with Sun? That’s right. A GOOD FEELING!  I feel cool as f**k when listening to this. To top it off, the song samples a timeless classic  Brandy x Monica – The Boy Is Mine. Right now we are in sample phase in the UK, which is something I am always here for, especially if it’s done right.

Alright, so at this point your probably like… ‘Where’s the link to the song then Rem? (you’re that comfortable you’ve dropped the ‘i’ out of my name lol)

See the thing is… it’s actually not out yet.


Don’t hate me… IT WAS AN EXCLUSIVE via #RemisRecognitions on my live show on @ReprezentRadio (Fridays 12-2pm). However it is out in a few days and trust me I will be plastering all over my socials as soon as it’s out – IT. IS. THAT. GOOD.  Thankfully, is a very small preview here:

Short, but be grateful! In the meantime, Moet has a catalogue of vibes you can CATCH UP on whilst you wait a few day’s. For example, Pull Up is just WOW!. I think 2020 will be the year his musical career is taken to new heights. Watch his space.

Shay La Rose – No Regular 

Ladies and gentlemen, in this life you have to gas yourself up! Let people know you ain’t No Regular spice out here. Shay La Rose is literally here to remind us of this,  to give us an overdose on confidence, a fountain of sauce. Produced by SSK, they sprinkle a pinch of Spanish vibes on their Afro R&B influences! Listing all the things that make her a cut above the rest, the visuals aims to reflect this as all eyes are our Queen Shay La Rose 🌹 .

Marc Jones – No Gravity 

Croydon resident, Marc Jones delivers a message in his drill style track, No Gravity. Using his lyricism he was able to elaborate on the obstacles you can come across whilst trying to pursue your dream. I did Triple Science at GCSE (Biology, Chemistry & Physics) – till today, I couldn’t tell you why. It’s not even like it was my favourite subject or that my previous grades supported the decision. And as for Physics, I had no hope! But I’m starting to think maybe if Gravity was explained to me like this, i might have got it,  could it have changed my destiny???


Marc Jones definitely turned it up a notch with the visuals… but don’t take that literally. No Gravity was shot in what looked like, freezing colds scenes in Iceland to shoot some amazing visuals. He does so well in sticking to theme of gravity by shooting at the site of the abandoned Sólheimasandur plane which crash over 4 decades ago.


Same time next week?  Enjoy x

good bye

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