Who's THAT Girl??

[Who’s THAT Girl?] Two Two’s Podcast

Meet Ro and Nana, two of our favourite tweeters! We spent some time getting to know the girls who are taking the podcasting world by storm.


Who are ya?
We are the hosts of Two Twos Podcast, a podcast that educates people on matters concerning the LGBT community; working to bridge the gap between the LGBT community and straight people.

How did you get here?
We met at a rooftop party in Hackney in 2015 and we’ve been very good friends ever since. We would always have interesting talks on our way home from different events about the Black lesbian experience and thought we should open up those discussions to the wider community so we made a YouTube channel. We quickly realised we talk too much so we started a podcast and here we are. 


What sets YOU apart?
Honestly, being black and queer sets us apart as there isn’t much black British queer representation out there. Not only was there a want for it but there was a need for it and even both of us as content consumers were starving for the representation. I believe another thing that sets us apart is transparency. The fact that we are open, honest and unapologetic about who we are and our experiences is what attracts our listeners to us, they are able to relate to us and they find comfort in the fact they are not alone in their experiences. We inform and educate our straight listeners and allies and, even members of the LGBT community learn new things about other members of the community.


Next five years.. Where are ya?
We hope to still be committed to being unapologetically ourselves, having made a positive impact on the LGBT community with the work that we do. We hope to build loving families, be rich, fabulous and tanned.

Screenshot 2020-04-30 at 14.28.06

How do we find you?
Twitter! @TwoTwos_Podcast @Ro_Reveur @Notnanalise

Instagram! @TwoTwosPodcast @Ro.Reveur  @Notnanalise

Listen to Two Twos podcast on Spotify


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