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Remi’s Recognitions [15th May 2020]

These day’s no one remembers Friday anymore… WELL I NEVER FORGET! And neither should you! It’s the day I share with you my new discoveries in the music world… 


Each week I invite upcoming artists, producers, songwriters and my listeners to slide into my emails, and share some tracks that they think the world should appreciate! If I agree, if i think it’s a banger, we meet up Friday @ 12:30pm on Reprezent Radio and I press play on those beauties!

M21 – I Want

I’ve blasted ‘I Want’ everyday since hearing it! See the thing about songs like this, is they make me want to go outside (incase you’ve forgotten what outside is, it is that place on the other side of your front door). You definitely can’t sit still whilst listening to it, in fact i’ll go as far as saying you can’t walk straight whilst listening to it. Yup, M21 adds a spring to your step with this one! He gives us numerous flows on the track, all of which you can appreciate! BUT the chorus is CATCHY as f**k!  This is definitely an anthem I would put on whilst getting ready to head out or on my way to a motive where I am feeling myself!

Rootz – 10Ten

North LDN representative! Rootz comes thru with ’10Ten’, his first release of 2020. This track here makes me miss driving round London, running around do my errands! It’s short, yet effective!  Rootz has a rap/singer style and when it get’s to the singing parts, let’s just say if you were my traffic neighbour you would hear me singing (screaming) these lyrics! So you can either learn the words now and join me, or endure it. Not like you can go anywhere, we are stuck in traffic remember?

Tantzz – Glory 

In this short but memorable freestyle North London born, Mancunian Tantzz give us a chilling flow that is something I can definitely get behind!  His lyrics are hard-hitting and you can find a couple quotables in there, my favourite being ‘find your lane, excel and ghost’.  

Don’t forget, you can come back here weekly to update your playlists! You know, add a bit of width to your musical knowledge!

Feel free to send me any suggestions too >> 📧 :

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