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Remi’s Recognition [1st May 2020]


Remi’s Recognition’s is breaking boundaries this week, the gems rolled in but I need a moment to rant real quick. Nah Nah hear me out, I really don’t like boxing music into genres. I am a strong non-believer in labels. Because, why limit yourself when the possibilities in this earth are endless? Hmm. Uno what let me leave it there – I will write a blog post expanding on this point very soon. Watch this space 😉 


Let’s get back into it! This week many of YOU slid into my emails, music lovers, upcoming artists, producers, songwriters and now I’m here to share some tracks that I think (hope) you can appreciate.  

KSR – My Lady


I am gassed to say, I shared an EXCLUSIVE on radio this week – yup it is not even out yet.  but I am sad for you because that means you can’t here it just yet but it’s out on all digital platforms from Thursday 7th May.  OK, enough showing off. It’s a song that oozes good vibes and gives giddy feels. If I had to imagine the video, I would say maybe 5 friends, one being a love interest, enroute Brighton or Broadstairs beach (you decide) with cold snacks in the boot and a ton of hope for good weather lol – this is the song you would play whilst approaching the beach stripe. Am i lying? – enjoy the snippet in the meantime!!

Romzy – Diddy


A 17 year old from Woolwich, South London who has an exciting career ahead of him. ‘Diddy’ offers something different by breaking up the intensity that drill can offer! I’m here for all his punch lines and the delivery but what makes this cold is the a singing element of the song!! This is my fav part mainly because it has me trying to hitting notes above my skill set. Romzy also get’s you bussing that famous ‘Ayyy’ ‘Ayyy’ ‘Ayyy’ one hand in the air, the other hand just above the groin area dance. Don’t know what dance I’m talking about? Check out the visuals on GRM Daily. 

Shae Universe – You Lose

Shae Universe’s voice is nothing sort of PHENOMENAL. I’ve heard her live several times and have been following her journey since. This is her first release of 2020 & I am praying she graces us with many more! I NEED, WE NEED. On this occasion, Shae takes a drill beat and basically says … ‘HOLD ON. Let me do what I do best, hit my notes, switch it up quick show off a couple of my bars then reel it back in for y’all with the riffs... that’s how I interpreted it anyway.  I can’t wait till we are all queuing to get into her sold out 02 arena shows. Heads up, no-one will leave that concert the same btw… her voice will send shivers down your spine, i’m sure it could probably cure that annoying stinging pain in your back. That powerful. Don’t just listen ‘You Lose’, check them all out and be prepared to filled with feelings empowerment.

Let me know what you think in the comments below but more importantly send me tracks that you believe deserve the spotlight shone on them! I play these tracks on my radio show every week, Fridays 12pm – 2pm via @ReprezentRadio >>><<<


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