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The Art Of ‘Clapping Back’

So here we are, someone has said something that has gotten to you, irked you, fired you up and you want to LET THEM HAVE IT!!!! But should you? Is it worth it? How would you even begin to articulate how furious you are whilst still trying to remain cool, calm, collected and.. Sane?

That is where I come in, consider this a very practical but I am kind of joking step-by-step guide to hitting back at all those haterz.

clap back season

All if not most of us are spending more and more time at home and that time at home can easily lead to more time on our phones.
We have never been as connected as we are during this pandemic; the fact that you could pop up on your favourite rappers live, see how you fave fitness guru keeps in shape and literally get into bed with the top influencers, it is easy to understand how one might get carried away.

I have been guilty of shooting from the hip when people say unnecessary things to me online and it is through my own experiences and time spent preeing celebrity comments that I have come up with this 5 point list, peppered with a few the best celeb clap backs of recent years, for you to live your best tell-em-how-ya-feel life. Lets get it.


1. Pick and choose what you pay attention to. Not every negative comment deserves your attention, the majority of trolls or people online who say nasty things are looking for JUST THAT: your attention. When you reply you are giving in so if you are going to reply try not to make it a habit.

jk rowling
2. Take a breath. Yes compose your reply, yes let it rip BUT stick it in drafts or paste it into notes and give it a second to marinate. The last thing you want to do is post& delete so give it a minute, half hour. Maybe take a shower. If you’re still angry after detangling your hair, well then I won’t hold you back.

kim kardashian

3. Ever heard the saying “never argue with a fool”? Well this applies to clapping back as well. IF you decide to reply please say everything you need to say in that ONE tweet/ comment/ DM because that is how many times you should reply: once. 

chrissy teigen4. Check your spelling and then? Check it again, I still think about a particularly embarrassing incident for 2017 where I replied to something with a glaring error and became the butt of the joke. I don’t want that to happen to you so just to be safe, check it a third time.

cardi b
5. Don’t dwell. So you have replied, you have gotten it out of your system and you feel better right? Well don’t sit there refreshing the timeline checking for a response, walk away. Close the app, make a cup of tea, take another shower. Do something other than waiting for bad news. Bake banana bread or a tray cake! 

Hope I helped! Good luck with your retorts and even if I was no help at all, I at least hope you giggled a little.. At least once lol.


  1. Solid advice 👌 especially during quarantine I will be dishing out some internet slaps

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