Ten True Crime Podcasts To Thrill AND Terrify

If you love true-crime podcasts you will love this, I promise. After years of listening to the amazing, the terrible and the down right gross I have put together a list of my personal top ten true crime podcasts.
I consider myself to be learned in the sleuthing arts and years of indulging in documentaries, books and now podcasts leaves me somewhat qualified to judge the hell out of the content creators in the list below.
The true-crime genre is bursting with content and trust me I have listened to quite a large section of what is available. There are certain things that set some shows apart from others. Some podcasts have hosts that make you feel comfortable whilst listening to the most disturbing of things, others tell a familiar story in a way you have never heard it. So my true-crime lovers I hope I have done your favourite podcasts justice and also introduced you to some new, utterly chilling content x

10. The Teachers Pet
teachers pet

Hedley Thomas dives into this twisted and sometimes confusing tale about a woman who went missing under suspicious circumstances in 1982. Told over 16 episodes we learn about who Lynette Dawson was, how he husband may have been involved in her disappearance and how this podcast managed to uncover brand new evidence in a case that at the time of release, was over 36years old.

9. Going West: True Crimegoing west

One of the newer podcasts in this list, Going West is hosted by Heath and Daphne and has been running since 2019. The dynamic between the hosts is warm and inviting *cute couple alert* and you can expect a new crime story each week from the pair. I will say that you have to skip through all of the adverts and Patreon thank-yous at the beginning of each episode which usually begin at around the 3min mark and sometimes their personal opinions can colour the story BUT it is always an enjoyable listen!

8. Casefile True Crime

The host of this podcast is anonymous and that alone is genius. The unknown man with the Australian accent recounts gruesome tales each week from his homeland and beyond. This is a longer listen with episodes often being over an hour long but they are worth it, concentrating on the facts of the story. Don’t expect to laugh while listening. Ever.

7.Serial Killers
serial killers

It is exactly what it says on the tin, a podcast about serial killers. Each story takes part over 2 episodes and delves into the psychology behind some of the worlds most well-known serial killers. Perfect for learning something new or if you are truly interested in trying to understand why & how serial killers are made.

6. Invisible Choir
invisible choir

This podcast only launched in July 2019 and I have only been listening for 3months but it definitely deserves its spot int he top 10. One of the more “difficult” listens; Invisible Choir aims to “bring voice to the voiceless” by telling some of the most heinous stories using actual witness audio, sometimes hard to hear but always worth it.

5. They Walk Among Us
they walk among us

If you want a podcast that focuses specifically on UK true crime then this is the one for you. Scarily close to home, this podcast focuses on a new case each week although sometimes the host teases you by running a story over two and no stone goes unturned in this show. Recommended for when you really want to dive into a case and not for background listening otherwise you may just get lost!

4.Crime Junkie
crime junkie

Crime Junkie is up there with one of the most well know true-crime podcasts in the world. Hosted by Ashley Flowers and Brit each week we are told a new tale. These two have a habit for indulging in the frustrating and a lot of their stories are unsolved so if you love a mystery then this is the podcast for you. Each story is told carefully and with a certain type of gentleness that is unique to Crime Junkie

3.Confronting: O.J. Simpson With Kim Goldman
confronting oj

In at number 3 is another long form story-telling podcast.
We all think we know the story of O.J. Simpson but I guarantee that you have never heard it told like this. Kim Goldman hosts this 10 part series about the murder of her brother Ron Goldman who was killed on June 12th 1994. Hard to listen to at some points, funny yet heart breaking at others, you really get to know who Ron was before his death at just the age of 25 and get behind the scenes of the biggest murder trial of the 20th century.

2. Criminal

Hosted by the woman with the smoothest voice I have ever heard, Criminal is a different kind of true-crime podcast. Host Phoebe Judge doesn’t only concentrate on the tales of murder, she talks about everything to do with crime. Each week we are drawn in to a new tale from body farms in Texas to alleged arson in Florida, if you want to know about true-crime in all of its glory then this is the podcast for you, plus did i mention Phoebe’s voice?

1. Redhanded

Redhanded is potentially the best true- crime podcast out there and it isn’t even because of the stories (which are always well researched) or the episode lengths (never long enough IMO!)
Hosts, Hanna and Suruthi; are witty, clever and passionate about what they do and it really comes through. If you have ever discussed murder with your mates at the pub then you will enjoy this show. The hosts never hold back and the majority of the time they say what you were thinking, for instance Scott Peterson is a massive bellend. Come for the true-crime fix, stay because you want to be friends with these two.

So there you have it, my very personal list of the top 10 true-crime podcasts out there. Let me know if you listen to any and if yI have missed your favourite show let me know in the comments! xx


  1. Oh my god Yinka i have been waiting for you to drop the knowledge! yes you’ve just given me hours of listening


  2. I thought I would’ve heard and listened to em all but there r some new ones here which is much much much appreciated! Tuesday afternoon sorted it seems
    Becca xxx

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