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Remi’s Recognitions [24th April 2020]

Remember: GOOD music DESERVES to be SHARED. So I invite upcoming artists, producers, songwriters and YOU to slide into my emails – to send me tracks that you believe deserve the spotlight shone on them on radio. I bring you my three selections here each week as a sign of  my love and my appreciation *insert your ‘awwww’ here*

Got any submissions? Send them to –

Spice up your playlist a bit, what’s a playlist that’s full of mainstream songs? – it’s filtered, a controlled substance, boring!. Yes, you heard me! I’m not a scientist or anything but I think your taste in music may also linked to a healthy balanced diet. Wild statement but also not impossible. 

hmm ok

Haha anyway, this week was a heavy find, 3 very different but solid vibes all round… 

Braddo – 5/5

In the lyrics Braddo’s talk about a love interest taking ‘3 days to reply’,  all jokes aside that line gave me minute anxiety because I actually don’t know what I’d do in if someone took that long to reply? Do you know what can happen in three days?? You can travel to the moon (funfact: it took NASA 3 days to travel and land on the moon). Ok, Rant Over! Braddo’s 5/5  is a soothing soundtrack from the 21 year old singer/producer who is set to stamp his sound with his EP dropping in May 2020. 

Souls – Loyalty

I had to reload this one a couple of times, Souls hailing from South London has an intriguing way of getting his message across. He shares his opinion on what the consequences of loyalty and you know what, he makes a couple points! It’s a head bopper in the car, but on the dance floor, or whilst performing – I’m confident it will be 3 minutes of  high energy. I’m about two plays away from knowing all the words, catch up mate. 

Os2kl – Seaside

I really get nostalgic feels from this one, i find myself thinking about so many good/crazy personal moments that have happened in my life – deep init? lol it’s not a bad thing to reminisce, I personally will be adding this to my ‘in my feels’ playlist (everyone has one of these right? not just me?). Seaside is one of those songs where you imagine yourself driving on a clear road, then 1/4 of the way in you begin to switch your stance to a position your much more comfortable with and you may even go as far as the ‘one hand on the wheel’ pose whilst using your other hand to do some hand movements to emphasise on the lyrics. LOL. For real. The production is cold too, really adds to this mood.

Don’t lie, this week I brought you lot init? In an ideal word we would probably spud right now but social distancing and stuff. If you want to catch these songs live in the wheel ups, you can catch me on Reprezent Radio (107.3)  // 12-2pm // every Friday.

Till next next….


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