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To All The Films I Could Have Loved


This post may make you yearn for the times of darkened theatres past, for the warm crunch of salt ‘n’ sweet popcorn and the mild irritation when the “on a date” guy feels the need to show just how clever he is by predicting the entire plot of the movie (ok maybe not that far but you get the point) We are talking about films! Lol.

May, the month, is almost upon us and is usually a busy time for us cinema goers. It is the time where most if not all of the blockbusters for the year are released. So in lieu of this I have decided to tell you about some of the most exciting releases that have been delayed, not to make you feel bad but to show you exactly what you have to look forward to when we are finally let out of our yards, lets goooooo

No Time to Die

bondThis was the first major film that revised its release schedule earlier this year. We will have to wait a little while longer for the latest and Craigs last film in the bond series… Tbh I am not ready to see him hang up his gun so delaying the pain isn’t completely bad

Original release date: April 2020
Revised release: November 12th 2020

Fast and Furious 9
fast n furious
Not that we need another instalment in the franchise that just keeps on giving, we just want it and we want it now. But wait we will have to and for almost a year past its original due date.. Yikes.

Original release date: May 2020
Revised release: April 2021

Disney came through with the live action remake to rival what is arguably one of their best animated moves, or so I’ve heard. Us mere mortals weren’t at the premiere and the film’s release was pushed back shortly after. Hurry up July!

Original release date: April 4th 2020
Revised release: July 24th 2020

The LovebirdsissaThis film was supposed to have its premier at South by South West festival this spring but the film and the festival were both cancelled due to the Corona virus pandemic. Cue Netflix saving the day, luckily! As it would seem we don’t have to wait that long for another much anticipated dose of Issa Rae with the film set to be released on the streaming site as an “Original” next month.

Original release date: April 2020
Revised release: May 22nd 2020

Black Widowblack widowI don’t know if I would go as far as to call the Black Widow origin story the most anticipated Marvel release of recent years, especially not while I breathe from the same mouth that screamed “Wakanda Forever” until Chadwick Bossman looked as though he were about to scream but Marvel is fun and Scar-Jo is brilliant in anything.

Original release date:May 2020
Revised release: November 2020

Before we wrap I would just like to give an HONORARY MENTION to Fantastic Beasts 3fantastic beastsThere is no release date for this as of yet because production on the film hasn’t actually begun yet as it was meant to start in March and has now been postponed. As a huge Harry Potter fan I just wanted to include something a little bit magical into the list, sue me x

Until we are able to eat loudly whilst pretending we aren’t bothering all of the strangers in the theatre with us; stay home, stay safe and enjoy the streaming x


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