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A Review: My Lovely Wife

A thriller written by Samantha Downing.

Before we begin I have a question to ask you; did you like Gone Girl? Not the movie which was a great attempt at an incredible novel but could never ever be as good as the unputdownable, page turning, keeping you up long after you’re meant to be asleep because you are just so invested in the story book that was given to us in 2012 by Gillian Flynn, so I ask again: did you like Gone Girl?

gone girl

If so you will (or should, no pressure) love what I am about to tell you about because this book, much like the aforementioned Gone Girl was one that has refused to leave my mind long after I’ve put it back on the shelf and it has been weeks. No; months since I closed the pages for the last time and felt that satisfaction only achieved when you finish a really good story, because that is what My Lovely Wife is.

I didn’t want to start this feature with a rave review simply because I want everyone to know that I mean business, don’t take no crap and don’t dish no endorsements for mediocre stories but (unfortunately?) This book is pretty great, it isn’t perfect. There are a few plot holes that in my very professional criminally trained mind couldn’t get past. I have been watching CSI for more than a decade now so getting things past me is quite tough, uh very tough actually. But it is very good.

spongebob MEME

iN tHIs DaY aNd aGE *cue silly SpongeBob meme* a book really has to be SOMETHING in order to capture my attention, one bad paragraph and I am on my phone scrolling endlessly through timelines with the characters and stories very far from my brain and I think it is safe to say that every story has been told 1million ways. I mean the fact that the good people at old Disney are spending all of their time re-making all of our old childhood faves kinda proves this. Most stories have been done and whilst I have grown to accept this fate, it is extra sweet when I come across something that feels a little bit new. Which is why this book, in some parts, is unputdownable.

book with flowers

The story is a good one, the story is a romantic one. A husband. A wife. A secret which not only binds them but has the potential to bring everything they have built, everything they hold dear; crumbling down. They have a dark secret you see, one that is erm not to ruin it but… Deadly.

Whilst all good books must come to an end, most good books have flaws and this goes for My Lovely Wife. It isn’t perfect and there are a few questions left unanswered even after you have turned the last page but I will leave the discovering of the plot to you, my lovely readers.
My last thoughts on this book? It would make a great movie so here is hoping that by some weird serendipitous happenstance a Hollywood film creator person is reading this review and see the potential!

potential gif

It is for all of the reasons above and so many more that I wont tell you about because I really don’t want to ruin what is indeed a wicked story, I am awarding My Lovely Wife 3.5 worms out of 5IMG_0769Let us know if you pick up a copy, or download; we know that not everyone is as old-school as going into Foyles and getting an actual physical book. And let us know what you think of this book in the comments! 


  1. I read this book just last month and I have to say I AGREE with everything you said, I will be back next month for a recommendation #NoPressure

  2. Love a good thriller especially now I have time to read since being furloughed, just downloaded this on my kindle 🙂

  3. Deffo going to add this book to my list ! Nothing beats the joy of buying a new book! (Not a fan of kindle or audiobooks)

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